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In Tune Canine


In Tune Canine

Minneapolis & St. Paul Area Dog Training

People say a dog is man's best friend, a family member... do you know what that means?

Dina Kunin. Minneapolis Dog Trainer

Meet the trainer

Dina Kunin
Professional Dog Trainer

612 670-5088

I am an energetic professional woman with years of experience in variety of fields.  I have partnered with numerous dog breeders to create breed awareness. My passion for dogs has grown from a childhood hobby into a lifelong pursuit to help people create harmony and balance between them and their pets. 

I am a Professional Member of International Association of Canine Professionals, and I believe in consistently continuing my education and furthering my understanding of canine behavior.

I have over ten years of dog training experience working with various breeds, and a proven record of success.  Over the years I have perfected my unique approach and training technique, and by applying it, I have made numerous families and countless dogs much happier than they had been before meeting me. I can help you with many aspects of ensuring you and your pup have a better understanding of each other.  

I have experience with various canine behavior.  From basic obedience, like teaching your dog how to sit, stay, come, to more complex behavioral  rehabilitative work,  I have worked with many different breeds and sizes, and they all have one thing in common.  

Exercise, Discipline, Respect, and Affection, are all key to a happy, balanced, and well adjusted pup!

Dina is the real deal. . She can get the job done. .! I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Dina for being there and getting the pup to where he is today. ..!
— Marcus
When you employ this passionate professional be ready for positive life changes. Dina improves communications within the entire family.
— Tim

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How you will grow

Education for the family

How you will grow

Education for the family

How You Will Grow With Your Dog

My approach is different, unique, and innovative.   A dog is a member of your family, so do you understand what he is saying to you?  How he is feeling?   Dogs may not be able to speak, but they do communicate with humans.   I will teach you how to fully understand your pet.  I can help you get complete control of your dog and teach him how to enjoy obedience. Once our training is complete, you will not recognize your dog.   And guess what?   Your dog will be able to say the same about you.

Every breed is different, and requires a special approach and treatment.  I will help you find that.  Equally important, is understanding that each dog, just like a human, has his own personality.   Working together, we will customize an approach to achieve success for your family.

The best evidence of my success as a trainer is my best friend, my Rottweiler Pharaoh.  This big, intimidating looking dog is the nicest creature in the world, and you will have a chance to judge my training abilities when you see him in action!

Call Me 612 670-5088

Dogs & Children

Every member of the family is a trainer, especially the children.

In Tune Canine. Professional Dog Trainer, Dina Kunin, teaches this family how to train respect for their children with large breed dogs.

It is very important that children are comfortable with training their dogs.  One of the main situations I observe is when children do not understand the dynamics of healthy interaction with their dogs.  It is imperative to empower children to be assertive pack leaders.  In fact, children are naturally good at creating the right energy for properly training their dog.

If you have child-dog interaction issues, you found a person who will help you fix it.  I am confident I can remedy this issue for your family.  Just call me.

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Services and Pricing


Services and Pricing

I can help you set

Boundaries, Limitations, Expectations and Goals. 

I can help you fix

Leash pulling, Barking, Anxiety, Dominance, Insecurity, Fear, Chewing, Digging, Behavioral Miscommunication, Rehabilitation.

I can help you reach

Mutual Respect, Trust, Love, Understanding, Balance and Fun. 

Dog training on tread mills
love your dog
Minneapolis Dog trainers

Treadmill Training

A dog is a descendant of a wolf.  He has a need to move forward.  A lot of people believe that walking a dog around the neighborhood on a leash, or letting a dog run in the yard fulfills their need for exercise.  It does help, however, unless a dog is moving forward and running, he is not getting enough exercise.  Once a dog is comfortable on the treadmill, you will see a major difference in behavior.  The dog loves it, and so will you.

Fun Tricks

It feels good to show off how awesome your pup is.  As we move along in our training, we will incorporate fun tricks that will keep everyone laughing.

Become a trainer yourself!

If you are interested in becoming a dog trainer, I can help you get started.

Location. Pricing. Support.


I believe that training needs to be available in various settings. Therefore, training takes place inside the home, in social situations, dog parks, and other surroundings as needed.


$120 / hour - one dog

$175/ hour and a half - one dog

$180/hour and a half -2 dogs 

*Packages available:

New Puppy-5 sessions: $500

*packages must be used within 60 days.

*Details negotiable and subject to owner approval.

* No mileage charge within 15 miles of downtown Minneapolis.

Continuous Support

I believe in solving problems as they happen, so I am just a phone call away when you are dealing with an issue.  There are many stages of development that a dog goes thru, and each stage requires different attention.  I will support you thru the different stages, and help answer your questions.

Dina does an excellent job she has done great things with many of the people I have sent to her teaching them how to train your dog as well as teaching her dog as a combined effort... Not to mention how she does an awesome job with my own dogs!! Can’t go wrong with Her!!
— Alyssa